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Spirituality is not something that can be easily quantified or qualified. Recognize that this is a quick, brief look at spiritual development and wellness. View these areas of spirituality to be aspects you can pursue in order to lead you to a well-rounded, life-giving faith, as well as an engaging relationship with God and a spiritual community. One never reaches completion in faith development, nor attains absolute spiritual wellness. Instead, it is a pursuit to be enjoyed along the ever wondrous, progressive journey.

More important than receiving a number for your score is that you glean from the elements of this self-assessment. Twelve of the most important areas of spiritual development are highlighted. Choose where you’d like to focus on your own spiritual development. Was there a certain area in which you felt encouraged and sensed you are doing well? Was there a certain area in which you scored lower than you’d hoped and in which you’d like to improve? What spiritual goals might you set in order to grow in that area? How would you like to challenge yourself? Of these 12 areas, which are you most curious about and want to explore next? Answers to these questions may be the best thing you take away from completing this self-assessment.

Your Score

54-72 Spiritually On Fire! Things are hot and happening for you spiritually. You’ve done your homework, made thoughtful decisions and you consciously focus on living out your life in sync with your beliefs. You likely already experience various benefits of your spiritual health. Invigorated by your spiritual fellowship and insights, life is an adventure and you look forward to what blessings will come next.

36-53 Glowing Strong! A fire has been set in your heart and you are drawn to the flame. You are eager to grow in your faith. Given time, you are set to discover marvelous realities about God and what He has for you in the Christian life. Find or stay in strong fellowship and continue to learn. If you keep this up, you are bound to achieve a meaningful, fulfilling connection with God and other believers.

18-35 In Hot Pursuit! If you continue along this path, your spiritual pursuits can bring you the direction, joy and peace of mind that you seek. You will find answers and guidance as you pray, study and learn from others. If you haven’t already, you will soon begin to experience rewards for your dedicated exploration and things will heat up for you spiritually.

0-17 Stoking the Fire! You have interest in spiritual matters and would like to gain a broader, deeper foundation. Your efforts are like putting new logs on the fire and as you continue to do this, your spiritual future will keep getting brighter. You may not be accustomed to regularly investing your time and energy into your spiritual life, yet you are very capable of doing so. Untapped potential may describe your spiritual state. The future has untold possibilities in store for you, and with God, the sky is the limit. Keep on searching!