Welcome to The Women of Influence Ministry

Our mission is to reach, teach, mentor and empower the women of our church and community, through the word of God. Our symbol is “the butterfly”.

Each component of our mission represents one of the wings of the butterfly. Collectively the 4 wings provide balance and beauty.
Reaching, Teaching, Empowering and Mentoring

First Lady Jamell Meeks,

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Women of Influence Ministry
(773) 371 – 2322

Jamell Meeks


First Lady Jamell Meeks is Director of Women’s Ministries for the Salem Baptist
Church of Chicago, under the leadership of her husband, Reverend Senator James T.
Meeks. A shining example of a devoted wife, mother and grandmother, Jamell is
nationally known as a powerful leader with a gentle spirit. Jamell is a graduate of the
historic, Bishop College in Dallas, Texas.

Jamell Meeks is a visionary. As Director of “Women of Influence”, she directs
ministry projects and activities for more than 8,000 women. In 2002, Jamell developed
the nationally recognized A.R.I.S.E Entrepreneur Program, a 6-week training program
designed to cultivate entrepreneurs. In 2006, under her leadership, Salem Baptist
Church of Chicago presented its first annual walkathon, “Two Causes, One Walk”, in
support of breast cancer and HIV/AIDS awareness and education, which, to date, has
raised more than $100,000 to support community agencies. Since its inception, the
walkathon has expanded to support domestic violence causes, making it “Three
Causes, One Walk”.

Jamell challenges women to become leaders, helping them to discover and
cultivate their unique purposes in life. Her unwavering faith in God continues to fuel her
mission—to inspire women of all ages to live a life grounded by faith, guided by
purpose, and motivated by infinite possibilities.
Jamell and her husband are the proud parents of four children and four

ARISE = Actively Raise & Inspire People to Successfully build businesses with Excellence
WOI desires to assist individuals in becoming successful entrepreneurs. Each Fall the
A.R.I.S.E program provides a 6-7 week training course, in which participants learn how
to start a new business or grow an existing one. Additionally, A.R.I.S.E alumni
showcase their businesses on first Sundays throughout the year, at the House of Hope.
For additional information contact: arise@sbcoc.org.

Cancer-HIV/AIDS-Domestic Violence
WOI understands that cancer, HIV/AIDS or domestic violence impact our families and
communities. We seek to provide resources, services, and inspiration for individuals
facing these issues. If you or someone you know is in need of resources or someone to
walk alongside them on their journey, please contact us. Confidentiality is guaranteed.
For further support, contact: heart2heart@sbcoc.org.

Health & Fitness
WOI seeks to promote healthy living through fitness classes, fundraising walks, cooking
demonstrations, free medical testing, stress management awareness, and more! For
more information, contact: woi@sboc.org.

Single Moms
Single moms are an integral part of the Salem community. WOI seeks to provide
support, encouragement, and assistance for single mothers with children under the age
of 18. To connect with other single moms, contact: thevillage@sbcoc.org.


WOI knows the importance of mentors in the lives of women. We love to celebrate sisterhood
and share our wisdom and experiences with others. If you would like to get connected to a mentor
or mentor a young woman, please call us at 773-371-2387 or email us at: sister2sister@sbcoc.org.