Welcome to Membership Development

The Salem Membership Department is a multi-functional component of care for the Salem Membership through:

  • New Members Assimilation as the first point of compassion and contact in the process to becoming fully acclimated as a member of Salem
  • Baptism – registration and baptismal certificates
  • Membership Orientation
  • New Members Class – registration, class scheduling, curriculum, instruction, and graduation
  • Discipleship Class – registration, class scheduling, curriculum, and instruction
  • Ministry involvement
  • Membership Data Entry – maintaining current and updated data on all Salem Members
  • Salem Contribution Statement Inquiry and Request

Membership Orientation:
Location: The House of Hope at Gate 4
Sunday – 9:00 am

How Do I Become A Member of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago

Walk Forward
At the conclusion of every Worship Service, our Pastor or Associate Pastor extends a brief time of what we call the “Invitation to Discipleship”—a time to come forward if you have not received Christ as your personal Savior or would like to rededicate your life to Christ and/or if you are in search of a church home and would like to join Salem Baptist Church of Chicago. Responding to the Invitation is an essential and simple.

Water Baptism (Baptism Information)
Baptism is an important and rewarding observance that demonstrates your heart’s commitment to Jesus Christ. You can be baptized on the 1st Sunday. worship service in the Baptistery on the 2nd floor.

Welcome Team
When you walk forward, you’ll be greeted by a Welcome Team Member. Typically, there are several other people who make decisions for Christ and church membership, so you will not be alone. Those who are making decisions will be escorted to our New Members Welcome Room which is a very comfortable setting where a Welcome Team Member will briefly talk to the group, welcoming you to Salem, sharing about Baptism for those that desire to be baptized, and providing you with a Prospective Membership Form for you to complete and return, and then have prayer with you. This usually takes only 5-10 minutes.

New Member Orientation
You will be informed about Membership Orientation which is a prerequisite for all new members and is the primary requirement for becoming a Member of Salem. The Membership Orientation is designed to inform you of foundational concepts including church history, our statement of faith, our mission, vision and goals. The Membership Orientation also exists to encourage you to get connected to our Church body through taking and completing the 14-Week New Members Training and Development Class.

Salem New Members Training and Development Program

This dynamic and comprehensive program is comprised of foundational biblical components essential for Christian growth and development. In this class, the student will cultivate a strong and intimate relationship with the Lord while connecting our newest Salem Members with their new Church family through exciting and powerful teaching as well as support from our Membership Support Team. This class also empowers Salem New Members for ministry service through our BRIDGE component where students intern within the Ushers, Greeters, and Parking Ministries. Upon Completion of the program the Salem New Member is empowered for further spiritual growth and development and for active Ministry Service within Salem.

Graduates of the New Members Program participate in a Graduation Ceremony during our 10:00am Worship Service held in June where graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, a Ministry Service Medallion, take a photo with our Pastor & First Lady and enjoy a wonderful reception after the Worship Service with their invited guests.

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Our Baptismal Services

Baptisms are very special to us, for as the angels in heaven rejoice over one lost soul coming to Christ, so do we as a Church Family.
We baptize by immersion

Candidates for Baptism should have the following attire (all white):


  • Something White and/or Blue Jeans (long white dress, jogging suit, shirt, or white pants)
  • Undergarments
  • White socks
  • A Swim cap
  • Change of clothing


  • White T- Shirt
  • White Pants or Blue Jeans
  • Undergarments
  • White Socks
  • Change of clothing

A Photo of your Baptism as our gift to commemorate Your Special Day will be given to you on your Baptism Day after our 10:00a Worship Service at the Membership Service Table located at Gate 4 of the House of Hope

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Discipleship Training & Development Class

The Discipleship Training and Development Class is the next step after the 14-Week New Members Class.  This 13-week class focuses on how to become a passionate follower- of Jesus Christ through prayer, spiritual character building, and small group Bible study development.  Discipleship students develop and engage in a ministry outreach project that is design to bring others to Christ. Please note that this class is not offered online because of the group interaction that is encompassed within the class.

Class Prerequisite: Completion of the New Members Class.

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For more information, please contact:
Michele Pullen Director of Membership